Executive search

Customer story

Fortune 200 Goods company

ProTask was engaged by a F200 Consumer Goods company, to help find an executive leader, to digitally transform their supply chain. Several challenges existed, in identifying the right candidate.

First, our client was looking to fill a hybrid role, where the person possessed both a strategic vision of the “possible”, combined with in-depth IT/Technology knowledge and experience. Secondly, the talents available in proximity to the client headquarters, was not significant to source from. Therefore, our search had to be nation-wide and required a relocation package.

The ProTask team used a variety of tools to tackle this project. We first leaned on our existing network around emerging technologies (AI, ML and Blockchain).

In parallel, we went through an in-depth analysis of the market, the players and companies of similar size and scope. We used this information to implement a targeted search, based on the outcome and data from the analysis.

ProTask was ultimately able to identify 4 top candidates, 3 of which were moved into the hiring process by our client.